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One Day at a Time

February is Low Vision Awareness Month – with low vision, daily tasks are managed and completed in a much different way. Read this blog to learn more!
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Screen grab of Two Blind Brothers' website during their "Shop Blind" event.

Add to Cart, in the Dark

The recent holiday season brought travel, family parties, helping those in need, and a bunch of shopping. In the spirit of the last two things on that list, we wanted to highlight a cause near to the mission of IBVI that embraces the season of shopping.
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A Letter from Our CEO: 2020 Goals for IBVI

In 2020, IBVI will, once again, reach for new mission milestones and successes to further the reach of our business, and create even more jobs for those who are blind or visually impaired. Read this blog to learn more about our 2020 plans.
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What is a Base Supply Center?

Ever wondered how we work on-base to help the military serve? Read this blog to learn more about IBVI’s connection to the U.S. military through our Base Supply Centers.
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