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A Letter from Our CEO: 2020 Goals for IBVI

In 2020, IBVI will, once again, reach for new mission milestones and successes to further the reach of our business, and create even more jobs for those who are blind or visually impaired. Read this blog to learn more about our 2020 plans.


In 2020, IBVI will, once again, reach for new mission milestones and business successes. All initiatives will be implemented in an effort to continue expanding our organization’s physical footprint while enhancing community outreach into our four Wisconsin locations and 14 remote BSC retail store communities in California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

IBVI’s top five goals for 2020 highlight our priorities for success. First, we’ll strive to be profitable so we can best support our mission and continue to grow. Second, we want to be sustainable with product and service offerings that become critical solutions that support our customers in achieving their goals.

Our third highest priority goal for 2020 is to grow overall IBVI blind employment by 4,000 hours or more. We strive to hire as many blind or visually impaired individuals as we can in all our locations across the United States. In 2018, we quadrupled our blind employment growth goal and, in 2019, we doubled it again. Growing that goal year-after-year has not been easy, but it’s something we take a lot of pride in pursuing annually.

Another very important 2020 goal is to successfully implement nearly two-year Oracle software project. This corporate-wide project will replace all our past legacy systems and greatly strengthen our overall systems infrastructure by keeping our data and proprietary information secure. An extension of the main system (Oracle Cloud), the Oracle Commerce Cloud will replace our e-commerce portal and all point-of-sale systems at all of our BSC retail stores. Most importantly, both Oracle systems and all associated software will be 100% accessible to those who are blind and visually impaired which will help create even more employment opportunities.

Our fifth and final goal for 2020 is to rebrand with our new corporate name and logo as we continue to market our core capabilities to current and new customers. We have already begun the process of rebranding our physical locations with new signage and brand colors. We also have launched new marketing collateral and advertising campaigns in local communities that communicate our core values, culture, and mission.

Photo of CJ Lange, President and CEO

Ultimately, we continually strive to differentiate IBVI and our offerings so that, to our customers and the general public, the IBVI name and logo signify trust, best-value solutions, and dependability. If we successfully achieve our top five 2020 goals, we will truly be able to reach new mission milestones and business successes that will continue to expand our reach and impact on the blind and visually impaired communities.

Here’s to a prosperous and fruitful 2020!
CJ Lange, President and CEO


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