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Man in IBVI shirt holding a cane standing with two other men in front of a plane
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Employee Spotlight: Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez was hired at the Homestead Air Reserve base in October 2020. Before meeting Alex, IBVI was in search of the perfect store clerk and interviewed several candidates in the Homestead, Florida area. But, after speaking with him for only a few moments, Brittany Terry, Base Store Manager, knew it would be an honor to have Alex join IBVI. As the newest store clerk, Alex has quickly become part of the IBVI family. Known as the “Muscle Man” of the store, he comes to work every day in the best of spirit, works hard, and does all the heavy lifting, especially if he can show off his muscles from his workout sessions.

While discussing Alex’s history and what he enjoyed, Brittany discovered he had dreams of joining the Air Force before losing his vision at the age of 9. Knowing this, she wanted to bring him to the air strip to listen to the jets on a busy day, but knew the winter weather may not cooperate. Thankfully, a bigger, better opportunity came to mind.

Homestead Air Reserve base is the winter home to the US Army Golden Knights aerial parachute demonstration team and Brittany is friends with several of the teammates. With a little bit of planning and help from her friends, Brittany was able to bring Alex to the flight line to take a few pictures in front of Air Force planes. To Alex’s surprise, they were greeted by the aviation team’s First Sergeant (1SG) when they arrived.  Alex, the 1SG, and the teammates became fast friends and, in talking with everyone, Alex learned one of the teammates has a visually impaired son.

Before leaving, the team rolled out the red carpet for Alex and put him in the pilot’s seat. Alex could not stop smiling. He said it was the “highlight” of his life and a day he would never forget.

For more information about the US Army Golden Knights team, follow @armygoldenknights on Facebook and Instagram.


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