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IBVI Donates Supplies to Menomonee Falls High School

Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired (IBVI) manufactures and distributes products that are critical for the government and military, including office supplies. While these supplies are critical for government and military customers, they are also essential for schools.

Recently, IBVI staff became aware of a surplus of products, including pens, pencils, and other school items, that could help local educators do what they do—teach the future minds of America. With that in mind, IBVI collaborated with the Menomonee Falls School District to donate these extra supplies.

“It’s part of our mission to support our communities and show that we’re here for our neighbors,” said Theo Williams, director of logistics at IBVI. “We have two facilities right here in Menomonee Falls, and this is our way of giving back.”

IBVI is proud to support the local community whether it’s through donating supplies, supporting events, or providing employment opportunities.


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