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US Air Force getting a bag from an IBVI employee
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Introducing the Master Shopper program for

In our efforts to help serve those who serve our country each and every day, we’re always looking for new ways to improve—our shopping experience that’s dedicated to your needs with a full range of custom supplies and solutions. That’s why we added new features such as a convenient AbilityOne® search function to more easily find products or having orders shipped directly to a local base supply center near you.

However, we kept hearing from you that you wanted non-GPC cardholders to have the ability to shop for items they need with a review process involving a cardholder. We listened.

We’re pleased to introduce the new and improved Master Shopper program, allowing shoppers who aren’t GPC cardholders to create carts, add shipping addresses to their account, and submit carts to a cardholder—the Master Shopper—for payment. The Master Shopper then has the power to reject the order, approve with payment, or accept the cart and send it back to the shopper for payment (if the shopper also happens to be a cardholder).

The Master Shopper program gives your team more autonomy when it comes to the purchase process. Non-GPC cardholders can shop for items they need while a cardholder can review at their own leisure when it fits into their schedule. Plus, it helps save time for cardholders that are managing requests and orders from many people with purchasing needs.

Interested in making your purchasing process easier and more streamlined with the Master Shopper program? Email or call 800-642-8778 and get started.

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