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Moving Supply Chain Forward at IBVI

Supply management is a key strategic objective capable of saving millions and increasing company-wide efficiency for nearly any organization. At IBVI, our supply chain leadership focuses on controlling cost, effectively allocating resources, and gathering information to make strategic business decisions. In an effort to continue to educate our teams on the global standards of supply chain management, we have made the decision to partner with the American Production & Inventory Control Society (APICS) Milwaukee Chapter.

APICS Milwaukee Chapter is the premier professional association for supply chain management. Everything they do is centered around inspiring and growing supply chain professionals at all levels in the Milwaukee area. They foster the advancement of end-to-end supply chain management through educational training, including professional certifications, supply chain workshops, on-site classes, and monthly professional development and roundtable meetings.

IBVI has been engaging with APICS since 2019. Over the past year, our supply chain professionals have attended several APICS webinars and workshops designed to focus on current and real-life scenarios. Rather than treating them as a static or rigid process, these training sessions make it apparent that today’s supply chain efforts are more like a complexly calculated science project focusing on continuous process improvements that require complete internal and external communication(s).

A few of the APICS supply chain workshops/webinars our employees have attended include:

  • Disruptions in International Supply Chains: Understanding and managing the impact of COVID-19
  • Sales and Operations Planning—Principles and Concepts: Understanding the design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of all internal company activities
  • Supply Chain Management—Principles and Concepts: Understanding the design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value
  • Purchasing: Understanding the term used in industry and management to denote the function of and responsibility for procuring materials, supplies and services
  • Lean Supply Chain: A workshop for those supply chain professionals who support or interact with any departments involved with the implementation of lean or continuous supply chain improvement initiatives
  • Inventory Basics: Understanding stocks or items used to support production (raw materials and work-in-process items), ongoing operations (maintenance, repair, and operating supplies), and customer service (finished goods and spare parts)

Since 2019, our supply chain personnel have showcased lessons learned, good news stories, and the ability to drive costs of materials down—ultimately saving millions—as a result of our partnership with APICS Milwaukee Chapter.

Recently, the APICS Milwaukee Chapter named IBVI their 2020 Company of The Year. This is only the beginning of our partnership and we look forward to continuing to move the supply chain forward at IBVI.

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