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Product Pulse: Brooms and Brushes

1952 was a significant year for many reasons. It was the year that Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head landed on toy shelves nationwide, the world’s first commercial Jet Airliner took 36 passengers from London to Johannesburg, and was also the year Industries for the Blind, Inc. was established. At the heart of IBVI’s inception more than 70 years ago were two products. They were the very first products that we produced in our first of many federal contracts to come, and are the subject of this month’s product pulse blog – Brooms and Brushes.


Today IBVI offers a sweeping 22 products in the Brush & Broom category that are used across the federal market. The brooms and brushes are manufactured at IBVI’s West Allis Production area where the products are produced by machine and then hand drilled, filled with bristles and then trimmed by IBVI’s professionally trained associates, who are blind and visually impaired. Beyond the federal market, IBVI has also established co-brand agreements with successful commercial companies such as FlexSweep, whose product line features three broom types for different surfaces, along with a deck broom and a floor squeegee.


Extra-Wide Angle Broom with Dustpan

IBVI’s newest product offering in the Brush & Broom category is the Extra-Wide Angle Broom with Dustpan, introduced in July of 2022. The broom’s angled, poly-fiber bristles allow users to reach underneath cabinets, into corners and between tight spaces to remove dust and dirt efficiently. With an extra-wide dustpan that snaps onto the handle, users can clean up their spaces in one clean sweep and store away the broom compactly. Measuring out to 15” long, the Extra-Wide Angle Broom is the perfect indoor or outdoor multi-surface tool for keeping tile, hardwood and garage floors clean.


For decades, brushes and brooms have been a staple in our line of products—and to this day, it’s a product that remains special to our organization and our talented employees who hand craft them, and is a product we continue to innovate.

To learn about other new and trending IBVI products, or to learn about other ways IBVI is creating opportunities for our customers and our employees who are blind or visually impaired, visit, and be sure to watch for more blog updates at


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