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Soldier in a Field
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Product Pulse: Tactical Gear

At IBVI, we’re proud of the mission-critical supply projects we provide for the US Armed Forces. As experts regarding the requirements and standards used by the Federal Government and Armed Forces, IBVI is well-equipped to design, source, and produce just about anything the government needs, with the exception of weapons and ammunition. As part of this month’s product spotlight, we’ll talk a little bit more about the tactical gear we supply to our military members.

Customized Solutions for Every Mission

Most of what we stock and sell to the government is Deployment Gear, Safety Gear and Cold Weather Gear. Many of our Base Supply Center (BSC) stores are on the Procurement List as the Authorized IEE (Individual Equipment Element) Dealers for their military installations. On those bases, we provide uniforms and gear for deployers going overseas. This is a very important part of what we do to service the U.S. military. We also provide Safety Equipment and Cold Weather Gear that is used stateside and overseas by our military members.

Quality Assurance You Can Trust

Since the government uses tactical items like these to support their military missions, we take extra steps to ensure we offer high quality products. Sending our service members into the field with only top-quality, authorized items is our primary focus, and we take pride in what we do to support our troops.

IBVI will always keep its customers compliant with both the Berry Amendment and the TAA Act. The Berry Amendment requires certain items be manufactured 100% in the USA. Additionally, the TAA (Trade Agreement Act) mandates that the products are manufactured in countries that we hold a Trade Agreement with.

Dual Sourcing for Reliability and Confidence

Our commitment to providing the highest-quality tactical gear for our customers involves a dual-sourcing strategy from both the Government—specifically the Defense Logistics Agency—and vetted commercial suppliers. This effort not only allows us to meet the specific needs of the military, but also offers our customers a wide range of available products at all times. By thoroughly screening and evaluating our suppliers, we guarantee that every piece of equipment meets our stringent standards for quality and accuracy. Rest assured, when you partner with IBVI, you are choosing reliability, precision, and the confidence that your tactical gear is only sourced from trusted channels within the industry. And in addition to quality and compliance, working with IBVI helps provide meaningful employment to those who are blind or visually impaired. To learn more about our IBVI product offerings, visit


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