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Variety of work lights offered by IBVI
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Product Pulse: Work Lights

IBVI employees know well how critical lighting can be when it comes to getting a job done. Task lighting, which is typically brighter than ambient lighting, can be very important for people with low vision, as it can help users complete work without straining their eyes. Even people with excellent vision can benefit from task lighting. Because it can illuminate small details, reduce eye strain and eliminate distracting shadows, task lighting can help any worker be more productive and precise.

Because of this appreciation for effective lighting, IBVI employees take great pride in the work lights they assemble and pack for federal agency use. The work lights have unique features that make them well-suited for a variety of jobs.

Assembled with the greatest care

For more than 60 years, IBVI has been an authorized AbilityOne® supplier. That means purchases fulfill mandatory compliance requirements and that the procurement process is streamlined. When it comes to work lights, IBVI sells four different types to federal agencies. In accordance with government-purchase requirements, IBVI receives these lights as raw material components. To assure the highest quality, the IBVI team then assembles and packs by the work lights according to ISO 9001 standards.

Unique features that boost versatility

Depending on the task at hand, users will be drawn to a particular work light, as each one has unique features that make it well-suited for specific jobs. One of the most popular items is the LED folding work light. It operates on 3 AA batteries and emits 250 lumens at its highest setting. This light includes a single LED light at the top of the extended arm that functions as a stand-alone, focused beam. With a foldaway hook and a magnetized spine, it’s a great light to use when repairing vehicles as it is easy to position in hard to light areas.

If you like the idea of a light that can be hung by a hook, but would prefer something that’s rechargeable, IBVI has other options. The Baton Style Rechargeable Work Light boasts rotating hooks for horizontal hanging while the 2 in 1 Extendable Torch Style Rechargeable Work Light has a foldaway hook and a magnetic base that attaches to any metal surface. Both models can last for 2-4 hours when fully charged.

Another popular work light that is great for illuminating a larger area is the Aluminum Frame Rechargeable Floor Work Light. This light produces up to 600 lumens of light and lasts 3-5 hours when fully charged. With a padded grip handle, weather-proof switch, and non-skid feet, this is a great go-to for both indoor and outdoor cleaning and painting jobs. 

Learn more about work lights

For years, IBVI has been a trusted source of work lights for employees of a diverse assortment of government agencies. To learn about other new and trending IBVI products, visit, and be sure to watch for more blog updates at


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