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multiple sets of screw drivers, pliers, and wrenches next to a tool box and tool sleeve.
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Product Spotlight: Pro-Grade Tool Kits

IBVI Product Pulse

At IBVI, we take pride in our reputation for creating solutions and opportunities for those who are blind and visually impaired, while offering essential products to military and federal government employees. Many IBVI products are designed to meet the needs of any agency in the federal market. In our endless search to continue finding new technologies and products to offer our clients, we’re kicking off a new blog series to share information about our recently trending and latest product developments. Our first featured product is our Pro-Grade Tool Kits.

SKILCRAFT Pro-Grade Tool Kits: 6-Piece & 14-Piece

One of IBVI’s most recent product offerings is our 6-Piece and 14-Piece Pro-Grade Tool Kits. These SKILCRAFT tool kits, assembled for professionals and DIYers alike, provide a comprehensive assortment of essential hand-tools designed to last long and get the job done. These collections of general-purpose tools are built to meet or exceed ANSI requirements and even offer a guaranteed lifetime replacement warranty.

The 6-Piece Pro-Grade Tool Kit features multiple pliers and screwdrivers made in the US along with an adjustable wrench, secured safely in a durable cloth tool roll. The 14-Piece Pro-Grade Tool Kit features a similar collection of tools but with 8 additional screwdrivers. The various tools in the 14-Piece Tool Kit are larger sizes than the ones included in the 6-Piece Tool Kit, and all 14 tools come equipped in a SKILCRAFT toolbox with a collapsible handle.

To learn about other new and trending IBVI products, or to learn about other ways IBVI is creating opportunities for our customers and our employees who are blind or visually impaired, be sure to watch for more blog updates at


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