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Springing to Action: How an IBVI Employee Saved a Life

“It was a hot day, so I didn’t think anything of it at first.”

Tevon Crawford is an IBVI employee who works at the Base Supply Center at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, but just a year ago, he was a student in high school. On an otherwise normal day, sitting at lunch, Tevon saw another student get up and walk over to the window. As he recalls, he didn’t pay attention at first, but then noticed that the student was crying hysterically and was trying to jump out the window.

“I was shocked, it was definitely an unexpected experience,” said Tevon.

Tevon and two other students hurried to the aid of the student. Tevon held onto the student while all three of them convinced him to come back inside to safety.

“I wasn’t really thinking,” he said. “You’re not going to let someone jump out of a window.” As is often the case with people who take heroic measures, they see it as human nature.

An attitude of service, at school and at work

Now, Tevon is in college, and he also works as a cashier at the Base Supply Center. He describes his role as “handling customer orders, stocking shelves, keeping things running so everyone else can focus on their jobs.”

Tevon, who has albinism and is legally blind, works hard to ensure that the military personnel on base get what they need so they can thrive in their roles.

He also appreciates being on a team, not unlike the students who helped him save another student’s life: “It’s a good environment, the team is what makes it all work.”

Honored for bravery

At a recent luncheon, the Great Falls, MT Police Department honored officers and civilians who went above and beyond to save and protect people. Tevon and his two classmates were invited to attend, and were presented with the Citizen Lifesaving Award.

Tevon has an extraordinary story to tell, but he is just one of many people at IBVI who thrive despite the obstacle of their visual impairment. Stay tuned to the IBVI Blog for more stories on our employees and our mission.

[Above photo from Great Falls MT Police Department Facebook page]


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