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What Goes Into an IBVI Kit?

Ever wonder what goes inside a kit for the U.S. military? The answer: you might be surprised. It could be everyday tools—a hammer, plumbers wrench, handsaw, some nails and a tape measure. Or, it could be a masonry kit comprised of seven (6-foot wide, 245 lb.) pelican cases filled with scaffolding, concrete mixers, mortar boxes and more. All of IBVI’s kits are made to meet the military’s unique needs and specifications—whether that means they’re completely custom or made-to-order in large volumes.

Kits for building
Whether it’s building a barracks overseas or repairing a base in an active military zone, Vertical Skills Engineer Construction Kits (aka VSECK) are designed to give soldiers the tools they need to build and repair structures. Ranging in size, detail and capacity, they can include hundreds of different tools all in a single kit—from plaster and concrete mix to power tools, drill bits, saws, ladders, pipe wrenches and more. To get a better idea, watch how our VSECK kits are made.

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Kits for saving lives
When it comes to emergency response, first aid and disaster relief, we make the kits that help first responders—respond. In fact, some kits need to be airlifted by helicopter to reach their critical drop-off points—whether that’s an active combat zone or a federally classified disaster area. Each kit can include everything from water, rations and first aid to blankets, lighting, clothing, tools and more.

We can kit anything
At IBVI, there’s a common phrase you might hear around the office and factory floor that speaks volumes about our kitting capabilities: If you need it, we can kit it.

Our employees go to extraordinary lengths to get the supplies our customers need while ensuring everything is fully compliant. And if you think our kits are impressive—just wait until you see how effortlessly employees like Easton and Matt can assemble them.

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