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What’s in an IBVI Kit?

“Mission Critical” is something we take seriously at IBVI. That’s because it means we’re supplying the U.S. Military with tools that are essential to its operations. Military units are taking these kits onto the front lines and into relief areas, so they need to be assembled thoughtfully and accurately. And while a bunch of items tightly packed into a 52” x 28”pelican case may seem relatively small, it’s anything but.

Reliability is paramount
We know that in mission critical situations, soldiers need to be able to count on what’s in these kits. We take our processes seriously to ensure accuracy: Each kit we assemble, manufacture and ship out has a standard of quality that’s guaranteed. In fact, we strive for perfection because there’s no other option in situations that soldiers face. Our Director of Distribution Theo Williams says it best: “The margin of error on these kits is 0%. If anything is wrong with these kits the warfighter is unable to perform duties assigned. While I know nothing in the world is perfect. The assembly of these kits has to be.” In other words, our kits are about as close as you can get to flawless.

What goes into an IBVI kit?
From everyday tools like plumbers wrenches, handsaws, hammers and nails to large (6-foot wide, 245 lb.) masonry kits packed with scaffolding, concrete mixers, mortar boxes and more—IBVI designs kits to meet the military’s unique needs. And when you’re out in the middle of nowhere with no other resources, everything you need has to be in the kit. It’s not just about quality, it’s about thoughtfulness… giving these teams every single tool they need to accomplish their missions.

Here’s a closer look at some of our kits:

  • Vertical Skills Engineer Construction Kits (VSECK)
    Ranging in size, detail and capacity, these VSECK kits are designed for building and repairing structures. Each kit can include hundreds of different tools—from plaster and concrete mix to power tools, drill bits, saws, ladders, pipe wrenches and more. Take a closer look here at how our VSECK kits are made.

  • Evidence Collection Kits
    Designed for Military Police and other military personnel for evidence collection, each kit we make can include a variety of useful, low-profile tools like gel print lifters, a variety of fingerprint brushes, a digital camera, and much more to make evidence collection efficient and discrete.

  • Direct Response Aid Kits
    In dire and dangerous situations, quickly administering aid can make an enormous impact. When it comes to emergency response, we manufacture kits equipped with first aid medical tools our military needs to respond at a moment’s notice.

  • Disaster Relief Kits
    From COVID-19 pop-up clinics in New York City to hurricane relief efforts, disaster relief is about providing expedited help when it matters most. Our disaster relief kits include the supplies first responders need like first aid, water, rations, blankets, lighting, clothing, tools and more. When it’s an emergency, we help give teams the confidence to act.

    Check out a local CBS TV news story highlighting how our kits supported critical COVID-19 relief efforts in 2020.
  • Machinist Measuring Tool Set
    The Machinist Measuring Tool Set (MMTS) was the first tool kitting contract that IBVI had with the US Army. The program ran through 2014 through 2019. This kit contained 74 different tools used by welders, including various wrenches, hammers, depth gauges and measuring tools. IBVI produced more than 2,600 MMTS during the 5-year contract period with a perfect on-time shipment record. The success of this program led to the creation of our current kitting department.

Those are a few of the kits that we have provided to military operations, but the possibilities are endless. Ultimately, the kit is only as good as the task you’re facing. Our kitting operations are fully customizable, so we can adjust it to your item list and specifications.

Get in touch with a member of our team and get started toward your kitting solution today.


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