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A professional woman in a suit walking with a briefcase while using a white cane. Text on image: Resources for blind job seekers.

Resources For Blind And Visually Impaired Job Seekers

Looking for a new job can be quite a stressful and time-consuming process – particularly for disabled professionals. However, utilizing some of the many available career resources can help make the job search process a bit easier, quicker and more successful for blind and visually impaired professionals.
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Dark photo of people's hands at a concert with a red background.

What Do Blind People Do For Fun?

A question we sometimes hear from sighted folks is “what do blind people do for fun?” The answer is simple: just about anything! Check out this list of ten creative and fun activities you can do with a blind or visually impaired companion.
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A man in a United States Marine Corps uniform.

Celebrating the History of the United States Marine Corps

In their 241 years, the United States Marine Corp have made some incredible contributions to the United States. As a vendor to all branches of the U.S. military, we thought we’d honor their rich history and celebrate their legendary achievements by sharing some interesting facts about the Marine Corp.
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Collage of blind or visually impaired atheletes - one is hiking, another is swimming competitively, and the third is two gentlemen running side by side.

Famous Visually Impaired and Blind Athletes

Here at IB Milwaukee, we hear stories every day about inspiring people who are breaking down barriers and taking the world by storm. Some of our favorite stories include those of individuals who have accomplished athletic feats.
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