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Share, Like and Retweet This Blog

There are thousands of blogs out there that talk about the best way to use social media—from how to format your posts to handling customer complaints and even words you should or shouldn’t use to get around those pesky algorithms.
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Dark photo of people's hands at a concert with a red background.

What Do Blind People Do For Fun?

A question we sometimes hear from sighted folks is “what do blind people do for fun?” The answer is simple: just about anything! Check out this list of ten creative and fun activities you can do with a blind or visually impaired companion.
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Photo of several navy ships on the water.

Happy Birthday U.S. Navy! Fun Facts and Trivia

This October 13th, the United States Navy celebrates an impressive 241 years of history. As a vendor to the U.S. Navy, we’d like to honor their rich history and contributions to our nation by sharing some fun fascinating facts about the United States Navy.
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Close-up of a white baseball with red stitching.

Can Blind People Play Baseball?

For sports enthusiasts across the U.S., the start of spring means one thing: it’s baseball season! While millions of people prefer to enjoy sports by cheering on their favorite team from the sidelines, countless others prefer to get in on the action by joining a baseball or softball team.
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