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2020 Fall Fundraiser


As many of you know, I have been part of the Fall Fundraiser event for the last 10 years and this event is my favorite company event every single year. I get excited to see all the prizes, I have an excuse to eat hotdogs before 9 a.m., I stuff myself full of yummy baked goods and I get to chat with coworkers I don’t see every day. But I must admit, this year I was very worried that COVID would really impact our event negatively. I was fully prepared for our worst performance considering we could not display the prizes and we could not sit in the lunchroom to call out the winners together…it’s an IBVI tradition!

IBVI employees stepped up! Your generosity and support to ABLE, another local nonprofit, was evident. As many of you know, ABLE. transcribes print materials into braille, audio and tactile formats to enhance literacy, dignity, productivity and independence. Many of our employees have benefited from ABLE’s work.

We had a phenomenal event! We raised $4,645! But wait it gets better…IBVI is going to match that, so we get to give ABLE $9,290!! This event does not come without lots of planning and work. I want to thank the entire committee for your time and efforts including Katie Johnston, Pam Kutcher, Steve Biasi, Kris Danielson, Danielle McCann, Callie Doran, Greg Larson, and Scott Cole. You’re the best!


Written by: Nicole Christman, IBVI Procurement Supervisor

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