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Man working in a store wearing an IBVI shirt

BSC Employee Spotlight: Lee Turnier

Lee came to IBVI six years ago when he applied for employment at the State Department of Rehabilitation. He worked as a CADD supervisor at Applied Magnetics in Santa Barbara, CA. He became Visually impaired with macular degeneration and could no longer work in this profession. Lee had been on permanent disability for six years, and was ecstatic and gratified to be able to work again.

Lee has no issues with accomplishing his duties, and does an outstanding job of completing most any task we put in front of him. He uses all the VI equipment that has been provided to him and tells us how grateful he is to have these items to help him accomplish his duties. He’s so comfortable and confident in his role that our customers and staff don’t realize that Lee is visually impaired most of the time. Lee is very prompt and almost never misses a day’s work.

Lee is married with two grown children along with his three pups that he adores. He also loves to travel when given the opportunity. He is a great worker and just a joy to be around.

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