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closeup of door that reads "James C. Mallatt Health Center"

ibMilwaukee Opens James C. Mallatt Health Center On-site for Employees

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson was among those in attendance at the event to recognize ibMilwaukee’s initiatives to promote employee health and wellbeing in the workplace. Prior to the ribbon cutting, U.S. Senator Johnson took a tour of ibMilwaukee’s manufacturing facilities and spoke with blind and sighted employees about the importance of manufacturing products locally.

“Opening an on-site health center has been a dream of our employees and board members for many years and we are thrilled to gather today to celebrate its completion,” said ibMilwaukee President and CEO CJ  Lange. “Taking care of our employees is of utmost importance to us and we hope the on-site health center will improve the wellbeing of our workforce and provide more accessibility and independence to our blind professionals.”

The decision to build an on-site health center came out of conversations with employees and board members who recognized the benefits of offering preventative and wellness care medical services on-site, especially to meet the needs of ibMilwaukee’s blind workforce. For many of ibMilwaukee’s blind professionals, finding transportation to and from a doctor’s office can be challenging. ibMilwaukee hopes to alleviate that challenge for current and future employees by offering on-site access to care at the workplace. In addition, employees can access care at the Center without a co-pay and visits are deductible-free.

“I’m thrilled to celebrate this exciting milestone for ibMilwaukee as they prepare to open the doors of their new on-site employee health center,” said U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. “ibMilwaukee stands out as a leader not only in the manufacturing community, but also the blind community by reaffirming their commitment to employee health and wellbeing as a cornerstone of good business.”

The grand opening ceremony included remarks from U.S. Senator Johnson, ibMilwaukee President and CEO CJ Lange, ibMilwaukee Sales Representative Steve Heesen, ibMilwaukee Board President Chuck Lange, and ibMilwaukee Board Member Honoree James C. Mallatt.

About ibMilwaukee

ibMilwaukee is a $100 million national industrial supplier and distributor of office supplies, office furniture, customized kitting and promotional products. ibMilwaukee is recognized globally as an industry leader in workplace accessibility, utilizing innovative technologies to help empower its dedicated local workforce comprised of a majority of legally blind or visually impaired professionals.  For more information about ibMilwaukee, visit

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