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Making Waves in the World of Workplace Accessibility

IBVI is getting national attention for its use of Oracle Cloud applications

The workplace accessibility that we’re striving to achieve at IBVI can change lives across America, and now America is noticing. We’ve recently been working with Oracle, one of the world’s largest developers of cloud applications, to streamline jobs and roles at IBVI. Together, we knew we could make a positive impact for our employees and for blind employment as a whole. As this partnership became public recently, we’ve received some exciting national attention.


Most notably, Forbes Magazine visited our offices in West Allis, WI to interview our team and get the full story. In the article, they wrote, “By implementing Oracle Cloud applications across its back office, IBVI noticed better compatibility with tools such as JAWS (text-to-speech) and ZoomText. […] Those factors let IBVI create new independent roles (no sighted assistance required) in customer service, purchasing, and accounting.”


The coverage doesn’t end there, though. Oracle created a video showcasing our own employees, championing the human spirit that we believe in so strongly at IBVI. They also invited us to share our story on stage at their OpenWorld conference last month. Partnering with Oracle–specifically at OpenWorld–also led to coverage in the tech industry, from publications like IT World and Computer Weekly

In the Computer Weekly article, Steve Miranda, executive vice-president of Oracle Applications product development, shared the bottom line of these relationships: “at the end of the day, none of this matters unless our customers are successful.” We agree with that, especially when it comes to our employees. Regardless of the attention we get, if our employees are getting a better, more fulfilling life out of their employment at IBVI, that’s what matters most. And that’s a story worth telling!

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