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A Day in the Life of IBVI Custom’s Senior Director

Ever wonder what being the director of IBVI Custom would be like? After interviewing him—Andy Kulich—we realized that being senior director of IBVI Custom requires wearing more hats than you can count on two hands. From sales to operations (and many other disciplines in between), there’s never a dull day and there’s never a custom order that doesn’t represent something bigger.

Just take it from Andy:


Q: How would you describe your job at IBVI Custom? 

A: Think of it as a role where sales meets operations. It’s my responsibility to look for new opportunities to generate revenue and grow labor opportunities. After all, our main goal at IBVI is to provide more employment opportunities to those who are blind or visually impaired. But I also need to ensure that our current programs are running smoothly through our production and distribution.


Q: What’s the craziest custom order you ever received? 

A: A custom arcade cabinet! It was for a boxing arcade game—complete with a punching bag and strength meter that measured the force of each player’s punch.


Q: Have you ever had to go above and beyond expectations to fill an order?

A:Yes We had an order for custom-made pull-up bars. Each set was made up of 14 different fabricated pieces. The supplier of the product was not able to box them to our specs in the time that we needed them. So, I flew down to Kentucky for the day to box up each pull-up bar. I was told that the job would take six to eight hours to complete, but I only had two before my return flight departed. So, we got it all done in under two hours, saved the day, and the company even offered me a job before I left for the airport!


Q: Name a time you fulfilled a custom order that made you feel proud? 

A: We added a large literature distribution program for the Air Force. They had a deadline for when the existing product had to be transferred out of their warehouse and into ours. We were able to meet that deadline and create an online web solution that worked for them. But the best part is that this single job turned into an ongoing opportunity, one that will create labor opportunities for the blind and visually impaired for years to come.


Q: Tell me about IBVI’s custom orders?

A:  We get custom orders for just about any type of promotional product. Most of our customers are military recruiting commands, so anything that a recruiter might give away to a recruit or influencer of a recruit is what we supply.

Going above and beyond is what we all strive for at IBVI, but especially in IBVI Custom, it can lead to some exciting stories. Each day is unique, and each day is important in furthering our mission.


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