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What Do Blind People Do For Fun?

A question we sometimes hear from sighted folks is “what do blind people do for fun?” The answer is simple: just about anything! Check out this list of ten creative and fun activities you can do with a blind or visually impaired companion.

A question we hear quite often from sighted folks is “what do blind people do for fun?” The answer is simple: just about anything! If you’re a sighted person hoping to plan a fun activity with a new friend that just happens to be blind or visually impaired, you’ve come to the right place. Our team here at ibMilwaukee is a fun-loving bunch, and our blind and visually impaired employees don’t let anything hold them back from pursuing their passions! Some of our employees’ hobbies include beep baseball, golfing, cooking, photography, and adventure sports. We even have a winning blind bowling league!

Planning your next outing? Here’s a list of ideas for mutually fun activities you can do with a blind or visually impaired friend or family member.

1. Go to the movies

Nowadays, many popular movies have audio described versions available for blind and visually impaired audiences. To find an accessible movie in your area, visit CaptionFish and filter results by “Descriptive Video”. The Audio Description Project has additional resources available.

Close up photo of hands throwing clay on a pottery wheel.

2. Do arts and crafts 

Whether you prefer painting, pottery or textile, arts and crafts are a great way to unwind and have a bit of fun with your blind friend or family member. Get some clay and have fun making avant garde, abstract statues together, or attend a pottery making class. Looking for something a little less messy? Purchase beads in various textures and shapes and make beautiful beaded jewelry together. You can also make embroidery floss braceletscrochet or knit together – all are fun, relaxing activities that can be done by feel and repetition.

3. Attend a concert

Concerts are a fun activity for just about anyone! Outdoor concerts are always a good choice, as they tend to be easier to navigate and you can sit virtually anywhere – just bring a blanket! During the winter, professional symphonies or performances by college orchestras are always a nice experience, and tend to be less chaotic than traditional concerts.

4. Get pampered

Not only are manicures and pedicures fun and relaxing, but they also provide a great opportunity for you and your friend to sit back and catch up! In order to ensure you’ll be able to sit next to each other, you may want to call and make an appointment in advance.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering is one of our favorite activities here at ibMilwaukee! Not only is it a wonderful chance to give back to our community, but it’s also a great opportunity for our blind / visually impaired and sighted employees to get to know each other better. From food pantries and retirement homes to animal shelters and crisis hotlines, volunteer opportunities abound!

6. Go for a walk

Everyone loves a good walk! No matter where you live, there are likely plenty of great walking paths to choose from. Tip: when choosing a walking or hiking path, be sure to select one that’s paved or free of obstructions.

7. Play sports

Yes, blind people can play sports! In fact, we happen to personally know some great blind and visually impaired athletes. While rules-based games like beep baseball or bowling may require a bit more practice, laid-back games of catch, soccer or basketball with a beep ball are easier to master.

Checker board with red and black pieces.

8. Go to the mall

A trip to the mall is always a great opportunity to stretch your legs and walk without having to worry about traffic or bad weather. Additionally, while most blind and visually impaired adults are completely independent and capable of shopping on their own, they may welcome the chance to squeeze a few errands in.

9. Cook a meal together

Here at ibMilwaukee, we’re lucky to know a few fantastic chefs that just happen to be blind and visually impaired! Of course, not everyone likes cooking (in fact, some of us even claim to be allergic to it…) so it’s a good idea to make sure your friend enjoys cooking first. Need some inspiration? Check out our recent interview with Christine Ha AKA “The Blind Cook”.

10. Play a game

From darts to Monopoly, many popular games are also produced in an accessible format! The American Federation for the Blind as a great list of accessible games for the blind on their website.

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