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Blind People

More Than a Job

At IBVI, belonging is a way of life.

Meet the IBVI team

Coming on board with IBVI means joining a team of professionals who realize the key to a fulfilling career is teamwork. Each person brings unique skills, stories and experiences that strengthen the IBVI culture and make us who we are.

Milwaukee Beer Barrels Blind Bowling League

Many of our own IBVI employees participate in a number of activities for those who are blind or visually impaired.

IBVI employee Camelia W. talks about working in IBVI.

Camelia W.

“I love working! And the people—all the supervisors, managers, and the CEO are the greatest. It’s shown me different ways to process my blindness. By working here I’ve learned I can accomplish anything.”

IBVI employee Jeana A. talks about working in IBVI.

Jeana A.

“I think IBVI does a fantastic job of treating their employees well. They’ll do whatever they can to make a job accessible.”

Your New Career Starts Here

Because what people can achieve depends entirely on who they are, IBVI’s first priority is finding exceptional individuals – no matter where they live or what jobs they’ve done in the past. Next, we offer a generous relocation package, on-the-job training, and a host of other benefits to ensure they thrive.

With roots in the Milwaukee area dating back to 1952, IBVI has facilities in West Allis, Janesville, and two locations in Menomonee Falls, WI.

An IBVI employee manufacturing products.

Community Outreach for the Blind

We show our pride in working with the blind and visually impaired community through sustained and well-supported outreach efforts.

two women having coffee outside

Tips For Interviewing as a Blind and Visually Impaired Candidate

Market conditions currently favor those who are actively looking for work—sign-on bonuses, incentives, and increasing wages are becoming standard in employers’ attempts to fill vacant positions. And while they might not be fully equitable for visually impaired individuals (only 30 percent of the visually impaired population are employed according to the April jobs report from the Bureau of Labor of Statistics), it’s best to prepare and equip yourself with the skills to tackle an in-person, phone, or virtual interview when the time comes.
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The road to employment in a post-pandemic world

As the nation begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, new job opportunities are being created daily. And while sign-on bonuses and incentives may be the new normal for post-pandemic employers desperate to find laborers and service workers to fill vacant positions—the story is often quite different for blind and
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