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Poems from Nikki Wolf

Photograph of pink flowers taken by Nikki Wolf

Inspiration often comes at the most unexpected times, and the current circumstances of our world are certainly unexpected. Nikki Wolf has worked at our IBVI facility in Janesville since 2014, but her love for poems goes all the way back to 1993, when she started writing them. Poetry (as well as photography) serves as an outlet for “when things are really weighing on my mind,” as she puts it.

Photograph of pink heart flowers, taken by Nikki Wolf

Her time in quarantine earlier this year inspired her to write two beautiful poems, which she has shared with us here. We’re proud of Nikki and all of our employees who contribute greatly not just to our team, but to our society and world as a whole. 

Quarantine 1 

As I sit alone in my home 

because of the stay at home order 

as I try to stay in my 4 walls 

as I go for walks in the sun alone each day 

I pick a room to clean to declutter 

my house this task long pushed aside is coming to the forefront 

please stay home sweet home 

for what really matters will change 

For now we have to talk to people on the phone 

Social Distancing is the new normal 

for group gathering is not allowed 

this quarantine will soon be over 

A bleep in everyone’s memory 

We will March on into April and May 

Move on, 2020 

Quarantine 2 

The sun shining outside my window 

As the days pass by the images blur in my mind 

As my daily work routine has been flipped upside down 

As I use to go out the door now, 

some days I do not even open it 

Trying to be positive 

during this unfamiliar fear 

time disappears while I sit in my chair 

where did the day go 

for now it is night with the street lights on 

This month of being home 

we will be grateful when we can roam… 

and feeling of sadness

which consumes us occasionally during our time 


Tomorrow’s a new day 

as I pray hope and kindness will guide the way 

my home sweet home 

I never will see it the same again. 

Both poems written by Nikki Wolf 

IBVI in Janesville  


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