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IBVI Employee Jeff, Emily and Easton
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Why Our Employees Make the Difference

A First Look at Our “IBVI Can” Campaign

“When you meet someone and look at that person for who they are, look at their ability—not their disability.”

If one sentence could sum up our new recruitment campaign—”IBVI Can”—that’s the one. It comes from Jeff, one of our employees who assembles thousands of SKILCRAFT pens per day. But Jeff, like each of our employees, is much more than the products he makes. He’s a father, a husband, and driven to grow in his career. Through the new “IBVI Can” initiative, we’re shining a light on our employees, the products they make, and giving an interactive look at their stories.

Get To Know the People

When you visit the “IBVI Can” website, you’ll find stories from three of our employees—Jeff, Emily, and Easton—each of whom have a unique story that contributes to the IBVI mission. Their stories are accompanied by audio clips and short videos, allowing you to experience each of them more fully.

For example, Emily is an evacuee from Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Maria, and Easton recently got married during the COVID-19 pandemic. As you can see, our employees are more than just the products they create. If it weren’t for each of our employees, we wouldn’t be IBVI.

The Products Play a Role

This initiative speaks to the truth that, while our employees are more than their productivity, our products do make their employment possible! Each employee specializes in a specific product category at IBVI. Jeff is a machinist that focuses on the SKILCRAFT pen, Emily assembles various kinds of brushes, and Easton puts together critical kits for the US military. And, by the way, they’re really good at their jobs.

We want to shine a light on our employees not just because we give them an opportunity to have gainful employment and more independence but also because they accomplish extraordinary things in their roles. For example, Easton can nail down 36 industrial wooden crates in under two hours. Our workers aren’t just exceptional people—they’re outstanding professionals.

Paving the Way for New Employees

Beyond showcasing our great employees—and there are way more than just three—this campaign aims to inspire other people who are blind and visually impaired to seek out employment at IBVI. We are always looking for people who can contribute to our team and seeing people who are similar to them succeed might break down barriers to reaching their full potential.

Easton said it best, “IBVI made me realize my true potential. I’ve always known my expectations, but honestly, I never knew how far I could go or how high I could reach. But with this job, I know anything is possible.”

IBVI strongly believes that, with proper training, tools, and technology, anyone can succeed in their organization. That’s what our mission is all about.

People who are blind or visually impaired are encouraged to apply but, if you’re not, you can also refer a friend or loved one who is blind or visually impaired. Together, we can make a difference in their lives, and they can make a difference at IBVI.

Learn more about the IBVI Can campaign and Jeff, Emily, and Easton by visiting


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