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5 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Accessible

Every organization can make their space better for the blind or visually impaired

Woman walking with guide dog down a hallway with carpet and laminate floors indicating where doors are.
Elderly man wearing a blue IBVI shirt and hat. He has a nametag on his shirt that says “LEE” and a United States flag pin. He is assisting military personnel in a store.

How To Get Started With IBVI

group of IBVI employees

What are the most common low vision conditions?

US Air Force getting a bag from an IBVI employee

Introducing the Master Shopper program for

men assembling a tool kit

Innovation That Pioneers Job Opportunities and Changes Lives

CJ Lange Named 2023 Titan 100 Honoree

IBVI’s CJ Lange Named to 2023 Wisconsin Titan 100

Man in IBVI t-shirt talking with a customer

World Sight Day 2022: How You Can #LoveYourEyes

open tool kit

What’s in an IBVI Kit?

silhouette of man in military uniform saluting the US flag

5 Reasons Why We Appreciate the U.S. Military

Man working at a computer in a warehouse

A Heart for Service: Finding Purpose in Supporting Our Military

COVID-19 Update banner

COVID-19 Q&A 1/5/2022 Update

man posing for a photo with a dog mascot in front of a firetruck

IBVI Celebrates “National Night Out” on the Fort Detrick Military Base

Woman walking down a city street with a cane

What Is National Disability Independence Day?

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