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5 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Accessible

Every organization can make their space better for the blind or visually impaired

Woman walking with guide dog down a hallway with carpet and laminate floors indicating where doors are.
Group of people running in exercise gear outdoors

The freedom to move—untethered

IBVI Calendar

What’s happening in April at the WCBVI?

Woman listening to music with headphones

Listening to the Senses

Closeup of an eye with an eye examination chart in the background

The Standard for Testing Eyesight: A Brief History of the Snellen Exam

IBVI Made Pens

A Day in the Life of IBVI Custom’s Senior Director

Man in IBVI shirt holding a cane standing with two other men in front of a plane

Employee Spotlight: Alex Gonzalez

Image of IBVI President and CEO CJ Lange

Letter from President & CEO CJ Lange: Modernization of the AbilityOne Program

Man working in a store wearing an IBVI shirt

BSC Employee Spotlight: Lee Turnier

Guide dog leading a man on a street

Where Seeing Eye Dogs Originated

Woman looking at eye chart

What Actually IS 20/20 Vision, and How is it Measured?

Milwaukee Central Library

Beyond Words: Discover Milwaukee’s Talking Book and Braille Library

group of historic figures who were visually impaired

5 Visionaries Who Changed History (and Were Visually Impaired)

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